About us

R Albuquerque Consulting is an individual company with a mission to increase the safety of the systems developed by companies of all sizes, providing knowledge and proper tools. We perform consulting, penetration testing and security assessment of various kinds of systems and platforms, as well as training in the area. The company is led by Ricardo Albuquerque.

Ricardo is an Engineer graduated by UFRJ in 1995, Specialist in information security in software development, Professor of security in software development in the MBI NCE-UFRJ, Author of the book "Security in Software Development", Ed Campus , 2002. He worked in the evaluation of security in dozens of software development projects, including Brazilian elections of 1998 and 2000 systems, eight of the ten largest Brazilian banks, systems in four of the five major telephone companies, among many other significant projects.

The current version of this software is 3.5.33 of 12/21/2016